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Life is competitive.  Give your children an edge.
Whether to achieve higher grades or obtain top scores in standardized tests, students benefit from the extra-help provided by one-on-one tutoring.  Amlon Tutors, a NY-based private tutoring service, offers individualized teaching to maximize a student's potential. Get a Tutor

Important Exams:
  SAT I  &  SAT II
  Hunter High School Entrance Test
  NY Statewide grade 3-8 assessments
  NY state Regents Exams

Education Articles
  2005 SAT will change format: New Writing Section
  Hunter High School Top Feeder public HS to Ivy Colleges.
  Controversy: Jun'03 Math A and Physics Regent exam too difficult.

How can we help students succeed?
Students learn to achieve by sharing the knowledge and experience of our accomplished tutors. To be academically competitive, and better prepared for high-performance workplaces, students will have to do a lot more critical thinking: analyzing problems, proposing solutions, trouble-shooting, communicating with others, and managing their time.

AmlonTutors private educational service, teaching students academic subjects, coaching stardardized tests attributes its success to these fundamental principles on which it has built its reputation: Academic Excellence, Knowledge, Integrity, & Responsibility. Read about our philosophy.

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